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Molar miniZ for coffee brewing lovers


Based on the success of the Molar X, the Molar miniZ has been two years in development and is designed specifically for coffee brewing.


1. Brewing Only Burrs.

The stock burr set in the miniZ is the renowned Mazzer 151F. It boasts a diameter of 83mm, and is also the standard burr used on the much celebrated Mazzer ZM. 151F produces a consistent grind with very little small fines, gives high TDS yield, and the result in the cup is great sweetness and full-bodied flavor.

2. Adjustable Grinding Speed.

The miniZ has an adjustable speed range between 0-430 rpm. We recommend a setting between 350-430 rpm, but please feel free to experiment. Generally speaking, low speed gives a more consistent grind than high speed. Experiences in the field also tells us that low speed produces better result in the cup.

One caveat: due to the parameters of the speed reducer, grinding speed cannot be adjusted in increments of one. Nevertheless, you need not worry as it has no impact on the actual use.

3. Low Retained Coffee Grind.

The entire grinding path is tilted at 15.5 degrees, which allows gravity to do the work and pull coffee grind out of the exit. An o-ringed cover at the top combined with a custom-made air blower further reduce retained coffee grind to under 0.2 gram.

4. Short Grinding Path.

The miniZ doesn’t have a dosing chamber. The coffee beans go through the burrs and exit the grinder almost immediately. The distance between the burrs and the exit is 0.5mm! This keeps retained grind at a minimum. The magnetically attached exit pipe can be easily removed for cleaning. It is made of polyoxymethylene (POM), and is wear- and tear-resistant.

5. A Custom-designed Motor.

The heart of the miniZ is an outer rotor brushless motor custom-designed for us by one of the best manufactures in Taiwan. The 350w motor easily outperforms many 600-700w motors used in similar grinders. It automatically adjusts its torque and rpm in response to the hardness of the coffee beans. Did we mention that the motor driver is not sourced from the general market, but also designed for us by the same manufacture?

6. Infinite Stepless Grind Size Adjustment.

Even the most fastidious users will be able to find their ideal grind size.

7. Precision Calibration.

Each miniZ goes through meticulous calibration before shipping. This is the heart and soul of all Molar grinders. This requires the greatest amount of time and effort of the entire assembling process and separates Molar grinders from most grinders on the market.

8. Lighter, Smaller, and Better.

miniZ is probably the lightest and smallest grinder in its class. Most other grinders using 83mm burr set stand at 60cm and weigh in at 20-40kg. In comparison, the miniZ is 40cm in height and weighs 8.5kg. It is called miniZ for a reason.

miniZ is not a perfect grinder. Yes, it has its weaknesses. Here they are.

1. miniZ is a single-dosing grinder. It doesn’t have a hopper, and there isn’t any electronic control beyond an on/off switch and a speed adjustment knob. To make coffee, you need to measure out the desired amount, pour it into the grinder yourself, collect the grind, blow clean the burrs, turn off the machine, and THEN start brewing your coffee. Efficiency has never been our philosophy.

2. miniZ has a louder idling noise than many regular grinders. In order to reduce rpm and increase torque, a reduction gear needs to be installed along with the motor. This results in a noise level of 65db when the grinder is running without any beans in it (measured at 15cm from the front of the machine). The good news is that when it’s actually grinding coffee beans, its sounds just as loud (or quiet) as the next grinder.

3. miniZ comes in one color choice, which is the one shown in the picture. It’s up to you to give it a personalized skin.

We have two burr upgrade options for perfectionists.

Option A : SSP 83mm Silver Knight multi-usage burr set. This is a coated burr set for both brewing and espresso.

Option B : SSP 83 Silver Knight brewing only burr set. Custom-made for us by SSP, this burr set produces very little small fines and raises TDS yield to a new level.

The photos are shown as a sample. For better and precise design, which will be slightly different in real miniZ. We will update the actual photos as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please email us, .




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