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使用 Molar X 煮出好咖啡的訣竅




3、建議咖啡豆噴點水做 RDT(Ross Droplet Technique) 來降低因為靜電所造成吸附細粉的狀況。

4、如果您要沖煮 Espresso,WDT(Weiss Distribution Technique) 是必須的,讓咖啡粉均勻地分布在濾器中才能讓完美萃取。您可以善用磨豆機中附的分離式接粉杯,或是選購我們即將上架的 Molar Power Ring 接粉環,充足的高度空間讓您用力操作 WDT 時不用擔心咖啡粉會灑滿地。

5、如果您要沖煮 Espresso,請盡量濾杯與把手分離,一來是避免濾杯的熱灼傷咖啡粉二來是確保濾杯乾淨,為此您可能要多準備幾個濾杯,雖然會多花點錢但是煮出的咖啡品質卻值回票價。


Operation Tips:

1. Measure out desired amount of beans before each brewing.

2. Turn on the grinder for a few seconds until it reaches a stable speed, then pour in your beans.

3. Spray some water on the beans to eliminate statics (spray bottle included). This is called the Ross Droplets Technique (RTD).

4. We strongly recommend using the WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) when brewing espresso. Even distribution is critical to full extraction. You can use our detachable receiving cup for a funnel, or purchase the Molar Power Ring.

5. To prevent premature burning of your coffee, it is advisable to use a room-temperature filter basket to load the coffee grounds and keep it separate from the portafilter until right before you are ready to brew.

6. Use supplied air blower after each use to remove all retained coffee grind.




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