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Our story began six years ago, out of a general dissatisfaction with all commercially available grinders.  We had no choice but to design our own grinder.  Six years later we bring you the Molar X.  One step closer to perfection.

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Common Grinder Design Oversights

  • Coffee Grounds Buildup: Coffee grounds build up along the grinding path.  The longer the path, the greater the retained coffee grind.  Stale coffee grounds in the path get pushed out by the next grind and adulterate your coffee.

  • Hopper: The convenience afforded by the hopper is not worth the damage it does to the flavor of your coffee.  In addition to unnecessary exposure to light and oxygen, the bottom of the hopper harbors unseen coffee grounds that get bounced up by fast-rotating burrs.  The grounds remain caught and get randomly mixed with the next grind.

Common Grinder Design Oversights

  • Difficult to Clean: However short the path of grind, retained coffee grind is inevitable.  It wouldn’t be a problem if the grinder is designed for easy disassembling and reassembling.  Unfortunately this is not the case with most grinders on the market. 

  • High Rotation Speed: Friction causes heat.  The higher the rotation speed, the higher the machine’s temperature.  Heat prematurely burns the coffee, causing flavor loss and yielding a cup of coffee that bites your tongue and confuses your nose.

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Our design objectives are very clear: minimize coffee grounds buildup, discard the hopper, lower the rotation speed, and the entire assemblage must be easy to clean.


This is not an automatic coffee grinder that delivers grounds with the simple push of a button.  It is a single-dosing, low-speed machine that requires some manual operations.  But the reward for the extra handiwork will be among the most flavorful, most full-bodied, and most smooth-drinking coffee you will ever taste.


The Molar X Design Features

Super Low Grinding Speed:

We find that 30rpm generates a negligible amount of heat and gives the best balance between taste, flavor, and efficiency.  To increase efficiency we have chosen 83mm conical burrs, the largest commercially available burrs.


Super Low Retained Coffee Grind:

The grind path opens straight downward, allowing gravity to do the work and keep retained coffee grind to the minimum.  In fact, we have measured.  The retained coffee grind is under 0.1gm for each use.

Easy Cleaning:

The Molar X’s design is so simple you can easily clean the entire inner compartment with a rubber air blower and a brush.  When you feel like giving it a thorough cleaning, the disassembling and reassembling of the burrs can be done within a matter of minutes.

Coffee Cups

Precision Calibration:

Each grinder is meticulously calibrated to make sure the burrs are perfectly aligned with the motor so as to give a homogeneous grind.  The calibration process is the most time-consuming step in putting together the machine.  It is what distinguishes the Molar X from all other grinders on the market.

The Final Test is in the Cup:

Upon completion of assembling, each Molar X is subjected to a series of espresso brewing tests using standard procedure.  The result must conform to the Golden Ration (18%-21%) before it gets the final approval to ship.


The Molar X is designed to grind and grind only.  A minimum number of electronic parts makes sure that this is a robust machine requiring little maintenance.


Attention to Details

The Molar X is capable of infinite stepless adjustment.  A complete turn of the adjustment ring raises or lowers it for only 1.5mm.  The retaining ring allows the user to quickly dial in his/her ideal grind size and lock it in.

The top of the receiving cup can be detached and used separately to funnel coffee grounds directly into your filter basket.

Laser-engraved serial number on the bottom plate.

The aluminum body is CNC machined in Taiwan to within an error of 0.01mm.  The conical burr set is made in Italy.


Molar X Blanc

Standard: $ 2,500 USD 


​Titanium Burr Set $ 2,700 USD

Color: Silver, Red

Burr: 83mm Conical burr set.

Voltage: 110V or 220V.

Power Consumption: 230W

Speed: 30RPM.

Measurements: 150mm(W)x300mm(D)x460mm(H).

Weight: 16kg.


Molar X Noir

Standard: $ 2,500 USD 


​​Titanium Burr Set $ 2,700 USD

Color: Ink, Silver Gray, Red

Burr: 83mm Conical burr set.

Voltage: 110V or 220V.

Power Consumption: 230W

Speed: 30RPM.

Measurements: 150mm(W)x300mm(D)x460mm(H).

Weight: 16kg.


About Molar Grinder

We are a really small team, and the beginning of everything is just to achieve some of the ideals for grinders: a more complete flavor and keep retained coffee grind to the minimum.


In the future, we will focus on the related research and development of various fine grinders, and innovative professional services will soon be launched.


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